Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part II. Vocabulary)

For questions 1 – 15, choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which best completes each blank space in the text.
Text 1

The shark has senses specially (1)_____ the animal’s life underwater. Smell is a shark’s most acute sense. Approximately 70 percent of the shark’s brain is used for smelling functions. Experiments have shown that sharks can detect prey (2)_____ by smell, and the hungrier the shark, the less stimulant needed to elicit a reaction.
Sharks are sensitive to light and can detect certain objects even in murky water. Some have a mirror-like layer under the retina that reflects incoming light and increases the (3)_____ light available to the eye.
Sharks can also sense electric and magnetic fields. Sensory pores located on the shark’s head can detect a prey’s bio-electric field (4)_____ if the prey is buried in sand. A shark can also detect the Earth’s magnetic field. Open-ocean sharks may use this information to (5)_____ and orient themselves. Baca lebih lanjut


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