Soal Prediksi GMST IUP UGM: Verbal Test – Analogy

(Q.1 – 50)Choose the correct option from the given choices. You have to find out the pair that has the same relationship at the original pair given in the question.

1)      Poverty: Prosperity

  1. a)      Love: Sorrow
  2. b)      Train: Cart
  3. c)       Rain: Flood
  4. d)      Intelligence: Stupidity
  5. e)      None of these

2)      Stage: Theatre

  1. a)      Bedroom: House
  2. b)      Car: Road
  3. c)       Patient: Hospital
  4. d)      School: Education
  5. e)      None of these

3)      Tree: Sapling

  1. a)      Rock: Mountain
  2. b)      Horse: Foal
  3. c)       Giant: Dwarf
  4. d)      Hut: Mansion
  5. e)      None of these

4)      Monk:  Monastery

  1. a)      Noble: House
  2. b)      Lon: Hole
  3. c)       Nun: Convent
  4. d)      Peasant: Village
  5. e)      None of these

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