Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part II. Vocabulary)

For questions 1 – 15, choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which best completes each blank space in the text.
Text 1

The shark has senses specially (1)_____ the animal’s life underwater. Smell is a shark’s most acute sense. Approximately 70 percent of the shark’s brain is used for smelling functions. Experiments have shown that sharks can detect prey (2)_____ by smell, and the hungrier the shark, the less stimulant needed to elicit a reaction.
Sharks are sensitive to light and can detect certain objects even in murky water. Some have a mirror-like layer under the retina that reflects incoming light and increases the (3)_____ light available to the eye.
Sharks can also sense electric and magnetic fields. Sensory pores located on the shark’s head can detect a prey’s bio-electric field (4)_____ if the prey is buried in sand. A shark can also detect the Earth’s magnetic field. Open-ocean sharks may use this information to (5)_____ and orient themselves.

1. A. appointed by C. figured out
B. invented for D. designed for

2. A. timidly C. solely
B. hardly D. disorderly

3. A. prominence of C. odor of
B. disposal of D. amount of

4. A. even C. however
B. as D. even though

5. A.sink C. crawl
B. navigate D. thrust


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